Q.  What are the basic requirements to get approved?
A.   We accept all forms of income, W2, self-employed, including child support, government benefits, even unemployment compensation. Must be at least 18 years of age.
Q.  I’ve been turned down at Auto Dealers in the past. What is different with Ohio Valley Car Credit?
A.   Most Auto Dealers have the most inexperienced personnel handling the toughest assignments. The talent pool for this type of finance assistance is pretty shallow.
We have many years of experience in doing this type of special finance.
We have built Lender relationships around trust, and have a low rate of delinquency in our Portfolio’s
We also have access to Lenders that other Dealers do not have, and a history of helping hundreds of customers that were denied at other Dealers before they came to us, and drove home in a great car.
Q.   What about Bankruptcy?
A.  We are the leader in helping consumers rebuild their credit after Bankruptcy. We even have lenders available, that will approve your auto loan before Court discharges your Bankruptcy.
Q.  How does the process work?
A.  We work on an appointment basis. After we receive your application, we will contact you to set up the appointment.
Q.  How long does the process take? Most of our Customers drive home the same day in their new or pre-owned car.
A.  Most of our Customers drive home the same day in their new or pre-owned car.